About Fix My Broken PC

Fix My Broken PC was created by David Hankins to share information with customers. The idea for the company started in 2008 as Hankins Family Computers, DBA Fix My Broke PC and in 2012 it expanded into a partnership with a name change. In 2013, the partnership disbanded and David brought the company back in 2014 with the grammatically correct spelling of Fix My Broken PC.

Please note:

The company is only a part time hobby. We may not be able to get to all of our customers in a reasonable timeframe.


One of the most important parts of operating a computer business is trust. I worked for almost 8 years in the US Navy, and while I was there I held a Top Secret clearance and was trusted with government secrets that could set the country back in research over 30 years. After my honorable discharge from the Navy, I started working at a community bank, where I am trusted with financial data for several thousand customers. I have been through training on what to look for in companies to be able to protect your personal information. I strive to have those same standards that banks are held to in protecting your personal information within this company.

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